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Innovation is key

Remaining on the leading edge of technological innovation is imperative to the Evolution Host brand.

Evolution Host continuously evolves our technology stack to meet the ever changing needs of the hosting market. It is important that we give our clients the advantage of being one step ahead of their competition by ensuring they have access to the latest tools available.

If a gap in the market emerges for a service which there is a demand for but nobody to satisfy that demand - we innovate. We have built several product lines that are not available anywhere else in the market, as of typing. A few examples of this would be our amalgamation of VPS hosting with game server hosting via our Gaming VPS product. With DDoS attacks becoming more prevalent we have built an all-encompassing FiveM DDoS Protection solution.

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OpenMP, the SA-MP successor

With the SA-MP forums closed and the SA-MP Wiki down, Open.MP has arrived on the scene and looks poised to fill the void left in the community.

Evolution Host are proud to be one of the first adopters of the new game server and we look forward to hosting OpenMP servers.

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SSD VPS hosting

SSD VPS Hosting brings a substantial power upgrade to servers that have been using the older mechanical disk models. With the advent of NVMe SSDs these increased speeds have been brought to an even higher level.

We've compared the benchmark performance of a SSD VPS vs a HDD VPS vs an NVMe SSD VPS and have showcased the results.

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FiveM Anti DDoS

FiveM servers are highly susceptible to DDoS attacks. It seems like any FiveM server that has a significant number of players is a target for DDoS attacks. We've noticed that the attacks have gradually become more sophisticated in response to advancing FiveM Anti-DDoS solutions.

The Evolution Host networking engineers have developed a FiveM DDoS Protection solution that renders every known attack type ineffective.

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Europe VPS Hosting

The location you choose to host your server is important. If you expect the server to have a lot of European network traffic, it's important to ensure that the VPS is actually hosted in Europe for optimal network performance.

Evolution Host VPS are available from a wide range of locations that cater to European networks. Choose the right location when deploying your Europe VPS.

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Free VPS Hosting

Not every popular website/application is monetized. Sometimes developers build a popular website or tool for charitable purposes. Because the service is not being monetized it can be financially difficult to sustain the service due to hosting costs.

For those with a popular website or a large social media following, Evolution Host are offering Free VPS hosting in exchange for a mention of our business.

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