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Palworld DDoS Protection - Block any attack now.

Bring our advanced Palworld anti-DDoS service to your current server host remotely, or you can host your Palworld server directly with us.

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Palworld DDoS Protection Service

Palworld DDoS Protection - Why is it needed?

The popularity surge of the Palworld game has been remarkable. Reaching over 2 Million active concurrent players on Steam is no easy feat and has only been accomplished by one other game - PUBG.

The staggering success of Palworld has naturally lead to some unwanted attention. Nefarious actors have deemed Palworld server hosts as a prime target for DDoS attacks.

DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service attacks) are attempts to prevent the online reachability of a service either via brute force bandwidth saturation or via more sophisticated means of targetting vulnerabilities within the applications software stack.

Evolution Host are experts in the field of DDoS protection and we have now expanded our protection suite to include Palworld DDoS protection.

Whether applied remotely or directly via our Palworld hosting service, our Palworld Anti-DDoS technology will ensure that your playerbase remains uninterrupted, even during the most powerful DDoS attacks.

Your Palworld server will be Protected from

  • All types of DDoS/DoS attacks
  • Unexpected lag
  • Packet loss
  • Bandwidth saturation attacks
  • All known layer 7 attacks
  • Any size or duration of attack
  • All known attack vectors
  • Any future emerging Palworld attacks

Select which method of protection you'd like

Bring our advanced Palworld DDoS protection service to your current Palworld hosting provider.

Your Palworld server will be assigned a remote DDoS protected IP address which your players can connect to. Any traffic sent to your remotely protection address will be filtered in real-time and any malicious attack traffic will be discarded before it can reach your Palworld server host.

A brand new DDoS protected Palworld server hosted with Evolution Host.

Currently, the only option available for this would be with our VDS hosting packages.

We will soon be offering a dedicated pre-installed Palworld hosting service.

Palworld Anti DDoS Plans

Remote Palworld DDoS Protection Plans

Level 1

  • 8 max players
Level 1 Palworld Anti-DDoS

Level 2

  • 16 max players
Level 2 Palworld Anti-DDoS

Level 3

  • 32 max Players
Level 3 Palworld Anti-DDoS

Where applicable, all prices include VAT.

What can I expect with the remote Palworld Anti-DDoS route?

Once you have placed your order you will then receive a script that you can run on your Palworld server host via SSH.

This will allow your Palworld server installation to run through our multi-point mitigation systems. The script will then configure your network to only accept traffic to your "real" Palworld server host which has first been validated by our protection network, ensuring that no malicious traffic can reach your machine.

This will force your attackers to target the IP address that the players are connecting to (your remotely assigned protection address). We will then be able to filter the traffic in-real time without any latency overheads to ensure that your "real" Palworld server host only receives valid/legitimate player traffic.

Palworld Hosting Character

Remote DDoS Protection Battle

What can I expect if I choose you as my Palworld server host?

Hosting your Palworld server inside an Evolution Host VDS allows you to benefit from our state of the art Palworld DDoS protection service by default.

You will also benefit from the extremely high end performant hardware that we utilize on our nodes. Our CPU clock speeds range from 4Ghz to 5Ghz, the best in the industry. All of our nodes are equipped with the latest NVMe SSDs to ensure that your Palworld host has the quickest load times possible.

High spec hardware combined with unbeatable Palworld DDoS protection enables your players to have the smoothest experience possible whilst playing on your hosted Palworld server.

Bring the benefits of world class DDoS protection together with industry leading hardware to make the perfect Palworld hosting environment.

Here's some questions we're frequently asked about our Palworld DDoS protection and Palworld hosting services

Q: Will the Palworld DDoS protection be included by default on any Evolution Host server?

A: With our Palworld hosting service, DDoS protection is included by default on any of the packages listed on this page. Additionally, Palworld DDoS protection can be included with any of our VDS hosting packages upon request.

Palworld DDoS protection is not currently included with our VPS hosting packages, you would need to opt for a VDS hosting package if you would like to avail of the Palworld Anti-DDoS via this method.

Q: What do I need to be able to use the remote Palworld DDoS protection?

A: A dedicated server, a VDS or a VPS with any hosting provider. It is not possible to provide DDoS protection to Palworld servers which are hosted on your home computer/network. It is also not possible to provide the protection for shared server hosting. You would need full root/administrator access to the machine to be able to configure the protection.

Q: Does this actually work?

A: Absolutely. We are experts in the field of DDoS attacks. We have a proven track record of successfully protecting game servers and a wide variety of other applications from DDoS attacks that nobody else has been able to protect against. Building impenetrable anti-DDoS solutions is our forte.

Q: Are you affiliated with the Pocket Pair company?

A: Evolution Host are not affiliated with, nor do we have any relationship with the Pocket Pair company (the developers of the Palworld game). This Palworld Anti-DDoS service is offered independently and with no relation to the Pocket Pair company or any of their affiliates.

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