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open.mp server hosting (or omp hosting) brought to you by Evolution Host. Bring your SA-MP server into the 2020s by making the switch over to open.mp hosting. All of your existing gamemodes and plugins should certainly be compatible with the new incarnation. Evolution Host omp servers are hosted on the most powerful hardware known to San Andreas.

Evolution Host has developed a reputation in the SA-MP community for being the best host around, and now we have created the best omp hosting environment for your server.

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MySQL Database FTP Access Award-winning hosting  Germany, Canada, Poland, UK, Finland, USA, Germany, France, India, Asia and Australia open.mp Server locations Anti DDoS for open.mp server

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What is open.mp? open.mp is the spiritual successor to the now largely defunct SA-MP project. open.mp has sought to be as compatible as possible with the SA-MP codebase to ensure that server owners can seamlessly migrate their servers over to the new infrastructure. With all the functionality of the parent project as well as the promise of continued development, it would certainly make sense for the existing SA-MP community/server owners to make the jump over to this fledgling new project.

omp hosting is offered by Evolution Host with the same degree of professionalism and quality as has been offered to the SA-MP community for so many years. By offering OMP hosting, Evolution Host is delighted to be able to continue to support this wonderful community of loyal developers that have always found new ways to keep the now 20 year old game fresh and interesting.

Make the jump, try it out, get an Evolution Host open.mp server now. Your existing SA-MP gamemode and server configuration file should fit right in to your new OMP server hosting.

open.mp Hosting

Billing Cycle
1 month
Player Slots
< > 100 players
MySQL Databases
1 (FREE)
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Backups (7 Daily Rotations)

Downloadable Backups  (€4.99)

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection  (€4.99)

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Enterprise open.mp server hardware


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