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Ethereum and a VPS: A match made in tech-heaven

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) give anyone the ability to explore ideas and ventures at a fraction of the cost of purchasing physical computer hardware. This grants a significantly greater quantity of people the opportunity to innovate and become entrepreneurs. Advances in technology should not be exclusive to those who can afford it.

Ethereum can be seen as the next evolution of VPS' in a sense. The first truly global, border-less super computer that allows anyone to participate in the network. With a substantial chunk of cryptocurrency projects being built on top of Ethereum, there is little doubt in anyone's mind who the true leader in decentralized computing is.

Combining Ethereum and VPS' together creates a fusion of all-inclusive revolutionary technological beasts that are primed and ready for whatever you can throw at them.

Use cases for an Ethereum VPS

  • Staking Ethereum
  • Staking any cryptocurrency
  • Running an Ethereum node
  • Masternode hosting
  • Various DeFi applications
  • Infrastructure for your dApp
  • All the use cases of a standard VPS

Staking your ETH with an Ethereum VPS

Ethereum 2.0 is coming. We can all feel the excitement. Scaling, staking, side-chains, serenity. Bring it on, right? We can't wait either.

As Ethereum moves away from it's proof-of-work algorithm and towards its brand spanking new proof-of-stake model, this will introduce staking to the fold. Staking Ethereum on a VPS will allow participants in the network to earn rewards without needing to leave their computer online 24/7 or without purchasing dedicated hardware. An Ethereum staking VPS is an affordable method of allowing your ETH to work for you while you sleep as well aiding in decentralizing the network.

We'd be remissed if we didn't mention that Ethereum isn't the only cryptocurrency you can stake on a VPS. You can stake any crypto coin on an Evolution Host VPS. Yes, that includes running a Chainlink node! With full root access to the server granted, it's yours to do with as you wish.

With Ethereum hitting the mainstream and DeFi becoming a buzzword on the tip of everyone's tongue, you can feel confident knowing that you ordered your Ethereum node hosting from a company that has been supporting the cryptocurrency ecosystem before the crowds arrived. Ethereum - Building a new world

Staking your ETH

Scaling your infrastructure

The developer community in the Ethereum ecosystem is nothing short of outstanding. People and businesses from all around the globe are building innovative new tools and technology that make Ethereum even more useful and feature packed. To support this growth and advancement a strong backbone infrastructure is required.

Evolution Host VPS provide the robustness needed for any and all applications you're building that interact with the Ethereum blockchain or any blockchain for that matter. With a hosting infrastructure you can rely on, all your focus can go toward building that next 1,000,000 DAU dApp/application.

Paying for a VPS with Ethereum/ETH and scaling your systems has never been easier or more reliable. It's time to run an Ethereum staking node. Let's get started shall we?

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