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SA-MP server hosting has never been easier. We provide you with the only SA-MP plugin installer in the industry to ensure setting up your SAMP server is a breeze. Evolution Host installs both Linux and Windows SA-MP server versions so that you can switch between them with the click of a button. Being DDoS attacked? No problem. We will handle it, no exceptions.

With a bunch of other features & benefits, is there really any questioning who is the best SA-MP host around?

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Tick MySQL Database Tick SSD Powered Tick Multiple Locations Tick No Lag

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MySQL Database FTP Access Award-winning hosting  Germany, Canada, Poland, UK, Finland, USA, Germany, France, India, Asia and Australia SA-MP Server locations Anti DDoS for SA-MP server

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GTA San Andreas Multiplayer has been extremely popular for over a decade. Bringing GTA San Andreas players from all over the world together, SA-MP has created a new generation of gaming communities within the San Andreas universe. While it has been a global effort to keep SA-MP relevant in the gaming world, a significant amount of credit belongs to the dedicated players in countries like Brazil and Romania. Evolution Host has continued to support the SA-MP community by providing its players with the best SA-MP server hosting environment available, allowing both Linux and Windows server users the opportunity to host their servers with ease. What are you waiting for - You can host SAMP right now with just a few clicks.

Can't find the SA-MP server/client download? We've got you covered. Download SA-MP client and server files here.

With the SAMP forums down, the SA-MP wiki offline and it appearing that the SA-MP forums have been closed permanently, open.mp has stepped up to fill the void.

SA-MP Hosting

Billing Cycle
1 month
Player Slots
< > 100 players
MySQL Databases
1 (FREE)
SA-MP Hosted List

SA-MP Hosted List  (€29.99)

Default Port

Default Port  (€4.99)

Backups (7 Daily Rotations)

Downloadable Backups  (€4.99)

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection  (€4.99)

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Enterprise SA-MP server hardware


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