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Evolution Host joins the cryptocurrency revolution

Evolution Host took notice of the technological advancement in online finance before the vast majority of hosting providers. We've been allowing our clients to buy VPS hosting with crypto for a long time - the convenience that a crypto VPS brings to the table for our clients makes accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method an obvious choice.

Evolution Host currently accept over 30 cryptocurrencies for hosting services and we plan on continuing to add more cryptos overtime. We've done write-ups on some of the cryptos we accept which you can find below.

Benefits of a crypto VPS

  • Secure transactions
  • Private transactions
  • Instant deployment as crypto payments are final
  • Payments without 3rd party involvement
  • Stake your coins
  • Host your crypto dApp
  • Usual VPS functionality


Bitcoin is the grand daddy of cryptocurrency. The first cryptocurrency in existence and the first cryptocurrency accepted by Evolution Host. Greater success for Bitcoin means greater success for the all round cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Currently the most valued crypto in the world, Bitcoin is primed and ready to take the financial world by storm.

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Ethereum is the ground-breaking project that introduced the concept of smart contracts to the world and brought new innovation and possibilities for programmable money. Ethereum is the most developed-on blockchain in the crypto-sphere and is set to disrupt every industry it touches.

Currently the 2nd most valued cryptocurrency on the market and with Ethereum 2.0 on the horizon, the future is bright for the Ethereum ecosystem.

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Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin that has endured the crazy world of cryptocurrencies since 2011. It consistently retains its spot as one of the more valued cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem. Adapting new technologies as they become available, Litecoin ensures it remains a top contender in the crypto games.

With many considering Litecoin the little brother of Bitcoin and the Litecoin network as the Bitcoin testing network, there is a lot of value and potential in LTC.

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Monero was founded on the concept of privacy being an inherent right that everyone is entitled to. Monero grants anyone and everyone the ability to transact anonymously online. Monero can be used in a manner that allows for you and the person you're transacting with to be the only people that know the transaction ever happened.

With some of the brightest minds in the crypto space working on Monero, we can be thankful that anonymous, trustless transactions are possible.

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What other cryptos can I use to buy a VPS?

The above cryptos are just some of the cryptocurrencies we accept as a payment method. You can find the full list of cryptos below:

BEAM  BeamBTC  BitcoinBCH  Bitcoin CashBTT  BitTorrent (Tron/TRC10)BNB.ERC2  Binance CoinCLOAK  CloakCoinDAI  DaiDASH  Dash
DOGE  DogecoinETC  Ether ClassicETH  EthereumFIRO  FiroZEN  HorizenLTC  LitecoinXMR  MoneroNANO  Nano
UCA  UcacoinXVG  VERGEVTC  VertcoinVIA  ViacoinWAVES  WavesZEC  ZCash

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