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Rust Server DDoS protection

We've all been there. Running through the woods stark naked, well, not naked, naked from the neck down. Running freely, happily, just you and your trusty rock. Your sense of freedom quickly turns to dread as you are confronted by a fully armoured, metal face-mask wearing, shotgun wielding maniac.

This is exactly how it feels when your Rust server is targeted by a sophisticated DDoS attacker. You find out quickly just how vulnerable you are. The only solution for this is to load up your inventory with Rust DDoS protection.

Evolution Host's Rust DDoS protection puts your server in God-mode. No matter how big the shotgun, no matter how big the DDoS attack, your Rust server DDoS protection will come out on top.

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Rust Anti-DDoS Plans

Level 1

  • 64 max players
Level 1 Rust Anti-DDoS

Level 2

  • 128 max players
Level 2 Rust Anti-DDoS

Level 3

  • Unlimited Players
Level 3 Rust Anti-DDoS

Where applicable, all prices include VAT.

How to use Rust DDoS protection?

Rust server DDoS protection is pretty straight forward to set up. Dependant upon the operating system of your Rust server host (Linux or Windows) you will receive setup instructions to your inbox that pertains to your OS of choice.

On our end, all of your player traffic will be filtered through our multi-point mitigation systems to remove all malicious traffic - ensuring that only the valid (non-DDoS) player traffic reaches your Rust server host.

On your end, for Linux, you will receive a list of iptables commands that'll allow you to configure your machine in a fashion that will only accept traffic that has first been validated by our network of mitigation endpoints. For Windows, a similar course of action is required, however in this case it will be an executable file you can simply double-click to run on the server.

If you have access to a network/hardware firewall, we will also assist you in configuring this to optimally block traffic that hasn't been first validated by your Rust Anti-DDoS service.

How to use Rust DDoS protection?

Up for the challenge

Is your Rust Anti-DDoS the best around?

The staff at Evolution Host are about as experienced as it gets when it comes to mitigating DDoS attacks.

Evolution Host is well regarded in the DDoS protection industry for finding innovative ways to combat the effects of DDoS attacks. Our history of successfully adapting our unique protection solutions to various games and applications speaks for itself.

Extending our suite of protection solutions to provide a dedicated Rust Anti-DDoS service ensures that you can safely run your Rust server without fear of DDoS attacks.

Equip your Rust server with DDoS protection in just a few clicks.

Some questions you may have regarding Rust server DDoS protection

Q: Does Rust DDoS protection come included with any of your other services?

A: Our advanced Rust protection service is not available with any of our other products.

Ordering the Rust Anti-DDoS service through this page is the only method of equipping your Rust server with the protection mentioned here.

Q: Can my Rust server be hosted anywhere?

A: Yes. Rust server DDoS protection can be offered remotely. Meaning you can continue to use your current Rust hosting provider.

Q: Can my Rust server be hosted with Evolution Host?

A: Sure, you can host your Rust server on one of our NVMe SSD VPS or by ordering Rust server hosting directly.

Please note that the DDoS protection mentioned on the Rust server hosting page is not the same as the protection mentioned on this page. To enable the level of protection mentioned on this page for your Rust server, you will need to order the Rust Anti-DDoS service through this page.

Q: What requirements are there to use the Rust DDoS protection?

A: A dedicated server or a VPS. Once you have full root/administrator access to the machine that the Rust server is hosted on, you'll be able to configure the protection.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We are yet to experience a DDoS attack that we were unable to handle. If for some reason, we are unable to protect your Rust server from DDoS attacks, we will offer a 100% refund for your payment.

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