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An adaptive technology

Litecoin, an adaptive technology

Litecoin is one of the long-standing giants of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The viewpoint is often that if Bitcoin is digital Gold, then Litecoin is digital Silver. Litecoin is usually the first to integrate new technology that has been proposed for Bitcoin's core protocol. Litecoin has been testing Lightning network technology for a number of years and more recently has been working to integrate the MimbleWimble privacy enhancing tech-stack.

Being dubbed one of the first altcoins (Any coin other than Bitcoin) Litecoin has weathered the ever-changing terrain of the crypto industry since 2011 and continues to innovate and adopt new technologies.

LTC VPS Benefits

  • Quick deployment
  • Private transactions
  • Further usage of LTC
  • Crypto staking
  • All the use cases of a standard VPS

Litecoin differences from Bitcoin

Despite being based on the same core protocol, there are some fundamental differences between how Litecoin operates and how Bitcoin operates. Lets explore some of them. Firstly, Bitcoin's block time (the frequency in which it processes new blocks of transactions on chain) is 10 minutes. Litecoin targets a 2 minute, 30 seconds block time. This results in Litecoin transactions completing much quicker than Bitcoin transactions. Litecoin is also much faster and agile at adapting new technologies such as MimbleWimble and the Lightning network, as mentioned earlier in this post.

On the other side of the coin (many puns intended) Bitcoin has the most secure network in the world. To clarify, not the most secure network in crypto - the literal highest secured network in the world. The cost of gaining control of 51% of the Bitcoin network would be astronomical and therefore the Bitcoin network is substantially more secure than the Litecoin network.

No need to worry though, I'm sure nobodies interested in gaining 51% control of the Litecoin network just so they can reverse your Litecoin VPS order :)

Litecoins network

Litecoin + Bitcoin

VPS, Litecoin, Reliability

Litecoin has proven itself as a durable, reliable and robust alternative to Bitcoin. With confirmation times significantly quicker than on the Bitcoin network, buying a VPS with Litecoin ensures that your server is deployed and set up much quicker than if you had opted to pay for the VPS with BTC.

VPS and Litecoin go hand-in-hand. A quickly deployable virtual server paid for with a fast-moving digital currency. Once you've sent over the LTC for the VPS, the server will be up and running in no time. Experience the raw power of an Evolution Host NVMe SSD hosted VPS paid for with Litecoin.

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