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RedM Server Host DDoS Protection

Your RedM server players can now ride their horses in peace. Introducing RedM DDoS Protection.

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DDoS Protected RedM Host

RedM Anti-DDoS

Red Dead Redemption 2's Online Multi-player game RedM has soared in popularity in recent times. We at Evolution Host have seen this scenario play out countless times before. An online game starts to be enjoyed by thousands around the world and before you have time to saddle your horse, the DDoS attacks start targeting any server that has a large player base. It's a tale as old as the internet.

Evolution Host has pre-emptively stepped in to ensure there is no significant loss of player growth during this time by expanding our award-winning DDoS protection solutions to cover dedicated RedM DDoS Protection. Host your RedM server in peace and harmony. Whether you want your RedM server protected remotely or locally, we've got you covered.

Ensuring your server is protected from

  • Ping Spikes
  • Unexpected Player Loss
  • Random Timeouts
  • Bandwidth saturation attacks
  • Layer 7 TCP & UDP attacks
  • Unlimited attack strength/duration
  • All known existing DDoS attacks
RedM Anti DDoS Plans

RedM DDoS Protection Plans

Level 1

  • 32 max players
Level 1 RedM Anti-DDoS

Level 2

  • 64 max players
Level 2 RedM Anti-DDoS

Level 3

  • 90 max players
Level 3 RedM Anti-DDoS

Level 4

  • 140 max players
Level 4 RedM Anti-DDoS

Level 5

  • Unlimited Players
Level 5 RedM Anti-DDoS

Package specifications are identical to our FiveM DDoS protection service. Read more about the specifics of each package on our FiveM Anti-DDoS page.

Where applicable, all prices include VAT.

So what's the protocol for getting my RedM server host DDoS protected?

There is no one-size fits all when it comes to targeted layer 7 DDoS attacks, which is what game servers are typically effected by.

The process usually goes like this: Once you've signed up and are availing of our dedicated DDoS protection, we will set up various kinds of monitoring measures for your RedM server and await a DDoS attack taking place.

Once an attack has taken place we then analyse the attack traffic to establish what vulnerabilities the attacker is targeting. We then implement a solution for that attack form. Typically, the attacker will have a few more tricks up his sleeve and the process repeats a few more times. Eventually the attacker runs out of attack vectors and your server is fully protected from all of the previously attempted DDoS attacks going forward. This process typically takes a few days and then the attacker finally gives up, having been defeated. This is when your players can all ride their horses to the local bar to celebrate a satisfying victory.

Defeating the DDoS Attackers

How we protect the RedM host

Occasionally, your attacker might find a new trick and will start targeting your server again. Not to worry, you will have a dedicated RedM Anti-DDoS attack engineer on hand to analyse this new attack traffic and get it blocked also. Back to the bar everyone, another victory.

Our RedM DDoS Protection is an ecosystem. If one of our clients is targeted with an attack form we haven't seen yet, every RedM server hosted with us or remotely protected by us benefits by now being protected from this new attack form.

Find out more about our Game DDoS Protection here.

Remote RedM DDoS Protection

Happy with your current RedM server hosting? Just wish their DDoS protection was stronger?

You've come to the right place. You can continue to host RedM the way you currently are, and we can bring the Evolution Host DDoS Protection to you.

Why use remote protection?

  • No server migration required
  • No downtime during migration
  • Protect any hardware
  • Any benefits of your current RedM Host
Remote RedM Anti DDoS

What you get

  • Remote RedM DDoS Protection
  • A dedicated specialist in RedM protection
  • Software purpose built for you
  • Permanent protection from emerging new attack forms

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