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What is a KVM VPS?

A KVM (Kernel-based virtual machine) VPS (virtual private server) is an isolated server instance which typically operates alongside a multiple of other isolated server instances simultaneously.

For optimal performance from your VPS, a "type 1" hypervisor would be recommended. The Linux based open source virtualization type KVM is a type 1 form of hypervisor, often out-performing type 2 forms of hypervisors such as OpenVZ.

When deciding upon your hypervisor of choice for running your infrastructure, there are several benefits to be found from opting for a "KVM VPS" hypervisor form.

Benefits of a KVM VPS compared to other virtualization types

  • Open Source
  • Instant deployment times
  • Limitless scalability potential
  • Dedicated compute resources
  • Generally out-performs alternate hypervisors

Why a KVM VPS may be the best option for your needs

Everybody's needs are different, however the vast majority of people would choose to save money where they can. While certain resource demanding use-cases would benefit from access to the full resources of a physical machine in the form of a dedicated server, in the majority of cases a beefy KVM VPS from Evolution Host is more than enough to meet your hosting needs.

Maybe you already know it's a VPS you need, but you can't decide which virtualization type to opt for, after all there is plenty of options out there to choose from. OpenVZ, Hyper-V, VMWare, Xen, the list goes on, right? A KVM VPS has a number of advantages over it's hypervisor competitors that allow it to reign supreme amongst it's peers.

The open source nature of KVM allows for continued improvements and innovations from tech-enthusiasts around the world. Positioning your infrastructure on a technology that has been battle tested by some of the Linux communities most talented veterans grants an extra level of security for your server.

According to several independent benchmarks, a KVM VPS has increased performance in the majority of user test-cases.

Award winning KVM VPS host

Choosing a KVM VPS

Choosing the best KVM VPS host

There may be a degree of bias here, but in our experience, Evolution Host is the best KVM VPS hosting provider available on the market.

During our research, we deployed a number of KVM VPS host instances with a wide array of the top hosting providers in the industry.

With such a vast number of servers deployed, the various problems we encountered were plentiful. From astoundingly slow I/O performance, minimal available CPU time, being unable to utilize the full spectrum of disk space provided, inexplicably slow upload speeds, and it being abundantly clear that the host node had been significantly over-sold.

Knowing what a client wants from a Linux or Windows KVM VPS host, Evolution Host has set out to give our clients exactly what they want. High CPU clock speeds, dedicated resources, NVMe SSDs, the latest and fastest hardware on the market, never over-selling machines. An Evolution Host KVM VPS is forged from our desire to allow our clients to have access to a reliable high-end infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of buying the physical components.

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