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With servers in Canada, Germany, UK, USA, Poland, Finland, France, India, Asia and Australia, your users will benefit from the lowest latencies possible. Deploy to a global audience today.

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Experience CPU frequencies of up to 5Ghz, lightning fast DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSDs, and gigabit networking. Host your applications on an infrastructure built for the future.

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Why risk being attacked? Your Evolution Host services benefit from state-of-the-art DDoS protection. Achieve unparalleled reliability and uptime to support the growth of your websites, applications and game servers today.

Multiple layers of filtering are applied to protect your services from various types of attack with any size, strength and duration.

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Evolution Host has won awards for excellence in the field of hosting solutions. One of the awards states 'We took the time to personally and anonymously check Evolution Host's customer service. The "Badge of excellence" was awarded to Evolution Host based upon them complying with Host Advice's high standards of customer service, implying that the service proved to be prompt, efficient, insightful and most of all, helpful.' This is a great honour for all staff at Evolution Host and further cements our place in the hosting industry. The award and reviews can be seen by clicking the award to the right.

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The relationship between Evolution Host and our clients is absolutely paramount. Over the years we've formed strong bonds with many of our clients, and they can attest to our dedication and reliability. We've compiled some words from our clients that they have published independently on review sites or have been E-mailed to us. We appreciate each and every client that has ever come to us looking for hosting solutions.

Get a feeling for how we operate from our clients perspectives, in their own words.

Evolution Host

"I have NEVER received customer service on the level that EH provides from any other host"

So I have had services of different types with Evolution Host (EH) for several years now as well as through the hands fulls of other providers. A few things stand out to me with EH compared to many of the others I have worked with.

1. (and this deserves the #1 spot) Customer Service I have NEVER received customer service on the level that EH provides from any other host I have ever worked with PERIOD. The contrast in customer care is evident and vivid this alone could push them to the top even if they didn't have the best damn hardware to boot

2. hardware EH has steadily improved on their already stable and trustworthy hardware since iv been with them and today they offer some of the best in class servers in my opinion with NvMe SSD drives, 1Gbps network ports (even on the cheapest server) ddr4 ram and massive bandwidth allowance they are amazing

3. the stability I could go on for a long time here so ill go with the most to the point we host a Linux web server on a VPS through EH in 5 years that server has had 1 single outage event and that was for a major migration to their new datacenters (more of that improving I was talking about above) and they gave us months of notice and the transfers took minutes so in 5 years I have had a few minutes of downtime in one very well planned and orchestrated event

overall solid strong 10 out of 5 stars hands down they are my "main host" and the only people I trust with my mission-critical hosting needs now and despite trying out many providers I just don't see any of this changing any time soon. Thank you again to the entire team at Evolution Host for being the solid trust worthy provider in a vast sea of broken promises from other hosts :)

Brandon Whiton
3rd of August 2021
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"I haven't had to worry about downtime, it's always quick and speedy and does whatever I throw at it."

I've been using Evolution Host for about a year now, and it's one of the best VPSes I've ever used, hands down.

I haven't had to worry about downtime, it's always quick and speedy and does whatever I throw at it. Easily one of the best on the market and you cannot go wrong with choosing them!

Kim Belding
5th of August 2021
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"Overall great experience and highly recommended."

Recently I wanted to move my VPS from Oregon to Roubaix France.

I emailed technical support. They replied within an hour and completed the migration without any data loss within three hours.

This support response time exceeded my expectations.

Overall great experience and highly recommended.

Junxiao Shi
30th of June 2021
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"East Or West Evolution Host Is The Best!!"

Evolution Host is so far the best hosting site I have ever hosted in. It has awesome cpanel as well as an awesome support staff who are always ready to help you no matter what the case. I personally have hosted 3 gameservers from Evolution Host and They are running great with no lag at all.

East Or West Evolution Host Is The Best!!

Chimmon Pakma
17th of August 2017
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"Excellent hosting"

Excellent hosting, Amazing Customer Service, Typically replies within a minute, 24 hours. I have bought Virtual Private Server (VPS) from Evolution Hosting and got the VPS within a second.

Proud to be a member of this hosting.

Prithvi Raj
4th of February 2020
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"Evolution Host is probably the most responsive and reliable VPS host I’ve ever tried"

Evolution Host is probably the most responsive and reliable VPS host I’ve ever tried. It took me around five minutes to get my server up and running without problems and inconveniences. Also, they’re super reliable because of their amazing customer support. Whenever I had an inquiry or issue, I didn’t hesitate to contact them and they helped me resolve my problems quickly.

I’d recommend this host to anybody.

Anonymous User
20th of January 2020
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"Seriously, no problem is too big for these guys."

Since migrating all of our services to Evolution Host I have been blown away by how helpful their staff are. Seriously, no problem is too big for these guys. We have been with 6 hosting providers in the past and Evolution Host is the only one that was able to keep our servers online despite the many DDoS attacks that we receive. Support was great helping us get everything running and it's been rock solid since day 1.

10/10 would recommend.

4th of July 2019
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Evolution Host take pride in their responsive, helpful staff. We have agents online around the clock; ready to assist current or potential clients.

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Unparalleled Reliability

It is important that your services remain online 24/7, 365 days a year. All Evolution Host services are backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA. We believe that guaranteed uptime is an essential requirement of any hosting environment.