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Evolution Host's VPS hosting platform offers a highly flexible hosting environment for all of your projects.

Instant setup Instant setup Outstanding support Outstanding support Dedicated resources 100% dedicated resources

Uptime SLA 99.95% Uptime SLA IPv4 Addresses Up to 64 IPv4 addresses Cheap Starting at just €5/m

VPS Hosting

KVM Virtualization

Anti DDoS Protection

High Scalability

Select a VPS storage type

TickUltra Fast I/O
TickPro DDoS Protection
TickGAME DDoS Protection
TickHigh capacity
TickPro DDoS Protection
TickCost effective storage

Which storage type should I choose?

If your workload requires a large amount of disk space, hard disk drives (HDDs) are best suited to your needs. SSD based VPS offer much faster read and write speeds. Additionally, our SSD based range of virtual servers include Anti-DDoS GAME protection which is tailored for TeamSpeak and game servers.


Hosting Locations

  • Ubuntu 14.04 x86 x64
  • Ubuntu 16.04 x86 x64
  • Ubuntu 17.04 x86 x64
  • Ubuntu 18.04 x86 x64
  • CentOS 6.9 x86 x64
  • CentOS 7.4 x64
  • Debian 8.7 x64
  • Debian 9.4 x86 x64
  • Fedora 21 x64
  • Fedora 27 x64
  • openSUSE 13.1 x86 x64
  • Scientific 7.4 x64
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

VPS 2019 Hosting Specifications

DDoS Protected

DDoS Protection

Why risk being attacked? All of our hosting plans benefit from our free state of the art DDoS protection. Achieve unparalleled reliability and uptime to support the growth of your websites and applications today.

Live Support

Live Support

If you have any questions, our friendly support agents will be happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us via live support for help and advice with choosing your hosting package.

Instant Setup

Instant Setup

Your VPS will be online in minutes. Get your websites and applications up and running straight away with our wide variety of operating systems to choose from.

Windows Server

Windows Server

Windows Server combines reliability and flexibility with ease of use. Evolution Host's instant setup supports Windows at no extra cost. *Windows is provided on a bring your own license basis.


KVM Virtualization

Kernel-based virtual machines offer the most efficient VPS hosting platform. Your resources are truly dedicated with a KVM VPS, resulting in the most efficient and reliable system possible.

VNC Server

VNC Access

If at any time you lose access to due to a misconfigured SSH server or bad firewall rule, VNC can be used to correct the issue. It is also possible to access your server and make changes at boot time.

Control Panel

Control Panel

The VPS control panel offers unlimited OS reinstalls and easy real-time resource monitoring. For added peace of mind, off-site remote backups can be downloaded from the control panel. Multiple languages are currently supported.


VPS Upgrade

You can upgrade your server at any time to support the growth of your applications. Stay ahead of the demand with your highly scalable Virtual Private Server!

Quality Hardware

Quality Hardware

Evolution Host select only the best hardware for use in our hosting environment. The latest high end Intel Xeon CPUs, fully redundant RAID arrays and ECC RAM are included as standard.


High Reliability

With our advanced DDoS protected network, server grade hardware and highly coordinated technical team, Evolution Host are able to offer unparalleled uptime and reliability.

Additional IPv4

Additional IP's

Need an additional IP address with your Virtual Private Server? Up to 5 IPv4 Addresses can be assigned to your server when placing your order. More can be added at any time.

IPv6 Addresses

65, 535 IPv6 Addresses

With full IPv6 support, your VPS includes a /112 IPv6 subnet block (65,535 usable IPv6 addresses) for your services. Experience the freedom and flexibility of IPv6 networking.

How VPS Hosting can help you

Virtual Private Server hosting gives you an affordable and private method of hosting your applications, game servers and projects. Using an SSH client such as Putty allows you to connect to your VPS as the all-powerful root user granting you full control over your software. With full control in your hands, your ability to Invent the Future begins. With a Windows VPS server, you can utilize the Windows Server interface to get a visual representation of your software using the GUI. Hosting your websites on a VPS is just a few clicks away from becoming a reality. By accepting Paypal and Bitcoin for VPS payments, Evolution Host have made it easy to get a VPS setup for yourself, whether you prefer to pay with crypto currencies or more traditional forms of payment.

Crypto Currency and Evolution Host

The spirit of the crypto currency community matches the Evolution Host ethos with perfect synergy. Financial independence accompanied by security and privacy grants crypto users the ability to perform permissionless transfers of value over the blockchain. If you are looking for a Masternode host, Masternode VPS are right at home on our network, with impeccable stability and performance guaranteed. This is why we have chosen to accept the following cryptocurrencies on our site:

BEAM  BEAMBEET  BEETBTC  BitcoinBCH  Bitcoin CashCLOAK  CloakCoinDASH  DashDCR  DecredDGB  DigiByte
DOGE  DogecoinETH  EtherETC  Ether ClassicGAME  GameCreditsTHC  HempCoinZEN  HorizenKMD  KomodoLSK  LISK
LTC  LitecoinMAID  MaidSafeCoinMRX  MetrixXMR  MoneroXMCC  MonoeciNAV  NAV CoinXEM  NEMNEO  NEO
NTY  NextyNIX  NIXOMNI  OmniSOUL  PhantasmaPIVX  PIVXQTUM  QtumSCRL  ScrollXSN  StakeNet
STEEM  STEEMSBD  Steem DollarsSTRAT  StratisSYS  SyscoinUSDT  Tether USD (Omni Layer)XVG  VERGEVTC  VertcoinVIA  Viacoin