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DDoS Protection for Minecraft servers

The days of being attacked are over - introducing DDoS protected Minecraft Hosting.

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Minecraft DDoS Protection saves the day

An Anti-DDoS infrastructure built specifically for Minecraft

Minecraft opens up a beautiful pixelated world of innovation that allows everyone to explore their creativity and ingenuity. Build, destroy, craft, detonate. The choice is yours.

However, there is no fun to be had when your favourite Minecraft server becomes the target of a DDoS attacker. Minecraft DDoS attacks are about as vicious and relentless as they come.

Evolution Host have solved this problem with our advanced Minecraft DDoS protection product. Designing a solution from the ground up that was purpose built to protect Minecraft servers from DDoS attacks ensures that while an attack is ongoing, your players will be able to continue to play and create.

The only indication of when your Minecraft server is being faced with an attack will be the DDoS notification E-mail in your inbox. No lag, no timeouts and no packet loss.

Protect your Minecraft Server from

  • All types of DDoS/DoS attacks
  • Unexpected lag
  • Packet loss
  • Bandwidth saturation attacks
  • All known layer 7 attacks
  • Any size or duration of attack
  • All known attack vectors

Select your Minecraft DDoS Protection preference

Protect your server instantly without changing hosting provider.

Evolution Host will assign a remote DDoS protection IP address for your server which your players can connect to. All traffic which is sent to the protected IP will be filtered in real time and any malicious attack traffic will be discarded before it can reach the server. Our easy to follow setup instructions are included with your order.

Deploy a new DDoS protected Minecraft server with Evolution Host.

Choose from one of the hosting plans below and your new server will benefit from our industry leading Minecraft DDoS Protection. NVMe SSDs, high performance CPUs and rock solid networking teleport your server firmly ahead of the competition.

Minecraft Anti DDoS Plans

DDoS Protected Minecraft Server Hosting Plans

Level 1

  • 1GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4Ghz - 5Ghz CPU
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Impenetrable DDoS Protection
  • Around the clock support
Level 1 Minecraft DDoS Protected Server Hosting

Level 2

  • 2GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4Ghz - 5Ghz CPU
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Impenetrable DDoS Protection
  • Around the clock support
Level 2 Minecraft DDoS Protected Server Hosting

Level 3

  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4Ghz - 5Ghz CPU
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Impenetrable DDoS Protection
  • Around the clock support
Level 3 Minecraft DDoS Protected Server Hosting

Level 4

  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4Ghz - 5Ghz CPU
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Impenetrable DDoS Protection
  • Around the clock support
Level 4 Minecraft DDoS Protected Server Hosting

Level 5

  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4Ghz - 5Ghz CPU
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Impenetrable DDoS Protection
  • Around the clock support
Level 5 Minecraft DDoS Protected Server Hosting

Level 6

  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4Ghz - 5Ghz CPU
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Impenetrable DDoS Protection
  • Around the clock priority support
Level 6 Minecraft DDoS Protected Server Hosting

Level 1

  • 32 max players
Level 1 Minecraft Anti-DDoS

Level 2

  • 64 max players
Level 2 Minecraft Anti-DDoS

Level 3

  • Unlimited Players
Level 3 Minecraft Anti-DDoS

Where applicable, all prices include VAT.

How does the Minecraft DDoS protection work?

Once you're ready to roll, you will be sent a script that can be ran on the machine that the Minecraft server is hosted on.

The script will serve a few purposes. Firstly, it will configure your Minecraft server installation to run through our multi-point mitigation systems. Then, the script will configure your network to only allow traffic to the Minecraft server which has first been validated by our mitigation endpoints. This ensures that no malicious traffic is capable of reaching the Minecraft server.

From a technical standpoint, the protection works by instructing your player traffic to run through our network. While the traffic is flowing through our network, we are automatically validating each and every packet received to ensure it is a valid Minecraft client -> Minecraft server packet. Once validated, we will then forward the traffic on to your server - ensuring that only the valid Minecraft packets ever find their way to the server host. All of this is accomplished with minimal latency overheads - usually less than 1ms.

With that basic summary in mind, this method of Minecraft DDoS protection ensures that regardless of the attack type, strength or sophistication your Minecraft Anti-DDoS solution is ready, willing and able for everything that comes at it.

Using the Minecraft DDoS protection

Battling attackers

Worry less, play more

The vast majority of the game server owners we speak to are extremely anxious when they first come to us. Some of them have been suffering the effects of DDoS attacks against their Minecraft server for weeks.

Hosting a game server is supposed to be fun and enjoyable! Handling the pressure of being targeted with attacks drains every ounce of positivity out of the experience for the server owner. Who wants to play on a server that is regularly going offline, right?

We at Evolution Host thoroughly enjoy being able to help game server owners out by protecting their Minecraft server with our advanced anti-DDoS technologies. Get back to having a good time running your community. You can add the most sophisticated, purpose built Minecraft DDoS protection solution to your armoury right now.

Some of the questions we're frequently asked about our Minecraft Anti-DDoS

Q: Is Minecraft server DDoS protection included with any of your VPS or game server hosting offerings?

A: Providing DDoS protection for a Minecraft server is a complex task. It requires custom filtration techniques that are designed specifically for Minecraft. Building & maintaining such a system requires a tremendous amount of work and maintenance. For that reason, our advanced Minecraft DDoS protection service is offered as a separate service.

It is not included with any of our hosting offerings, including our Minecraft server hosting as well as our Game VPS hosting.

Q: If the Minecraft Anti-DDoS service is not included with any of your hosting offers, how can I get it?

A: We bring the protection to your doorstep. We protect the Minecraft server from DDoS attacks remotely. This means you can stay with your current hosting provider and we will protect your server remotely.

Q: What do I need to be able to use the protection?

A: A dedicated server or a VPS. It is not possible to provide DDoS protection to Minecraft servers which are hosted on your home computer/network. It is also not possible to provide the protection for shared server hosting. You would need full root/administrator access to the machine to be able to configure the protection.

Q: Does this actually work?

A: Absolutely. We are experts in the field of DDoS attacks. We have a proven track record of successfully protecting game servers and applications from DDoS attacks that nobody else has been able to protect against. Building impenetrable anti-DDoS solutions is our forte.

Q: Who do you recommend I host my Minecraft server with?

A: In our experience, clients have had the best experience when hosting their Minecraft server on an OVH machine. Hosting with OVH and equipping that with our custom built Minecraft DDoS protection service will ensure the ultimate combination of power and protection.

Q: I've managed to get a packet capture of the attack I'm being hit with, could you guys have a look?

A: We'd love to. Feel free to reach out and we'll analyse the attack you're receiving.

Q: What if you can't protect my Minecraft server from DDoS attacks?

A: We have a 100% success rate in protecting Minecraft servers from all forms of DDoS/DoS attacks to date. In the extremely unlikely event that we were unable to protect your server, we would provide a full refund for your order.

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