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Powerful hardware, unbeatable reliability, high tick-rates, low ping and exceptional pricing for all your favourite game servers.
With hosted game servers ranging from Garry's Mod to SA-MP and even Rust to ARK: Survival Evolved, Evolution Host is the best hosting option.

Evolution Host Game Server clients benefit from....

Game Server Instant Setup

Instant Setup

All of our game servers without exception are instantly setup. This means that you and your players can spend more time enjoying your new game server and less time waiting around. As soon as your payment is received, our systems immediately begin installing your gameserver. The details of your account will also be sent to you immediately.

With our fully automated game server installation, the ordering experience will always be consistent and error free. Bringing your gameservers to you at an incredible speed with maximum reliability. Never wait for your game server again.

Game Server SSD

Dual SSD's

Evolution Host game servers come equipped with Dual SSD's in RAID 10 with an additional off-site backup solution. Meaning your data on the SSD is backed up and secured while the server's I/O performance is further increased. The game server SSD's boast an outstanding average read/write speed of 800.00 MB/sec. An HDD simply cannot compete with these speeds. Equipping an Evolution Host SSD with your game server ensures your server starts/restarts quicker than ever before. You will also observe a massive increase in the responsiveness of your MySQL queries. Sluggish HDDs are a thing of the past. Give your game server the power it needs with an Evolution Host SSD.

Game Server Anti-DDoS

DDoS Protection

Evolution Host understands the importance of keeping your server online. Distributed denial of service attacks are becoming an increasingly common occurrence. It is no longer a case of if, but WHEN, you will be subjected to an attack.

Why take the risk? Evolution Host can shield your game server from these attacks for just €4.99. Equipped with OVH Game DDoS Protection along with purpose built solutions which were developed in-house to protect against a wide variety of attacks including exploits which aim to overload kworker/ksoftirqd and irqbalance processes. Read more about our Game DDoS Protection here.

Game Server MySQL Databases

MySQL Databases

As standard with all Evolution Host game servers, we offer a free MySQL database and the option to have up to a total of 5 databases with your gameserver. We understand the importance of easily accessible, fast access data storage for your game server. In performance critical situations such as player authentication, the access delay associated with storing vast amounts of information in file form are simply inefficient. This is why Evolution Host ensure that your gameserver is bundled with a locally hosted MySQL database for optimal efficiency. Your community deserves the best, give them just that with a free MySQL Database for your gameserver.

Game Server Gbps Port

Gigabit Port

At Evolution Host, ensuring the quality of the client experience is an absolute priority. This is why we have taken every measure possible to ensure that your hosted game server benefits from an extremely low latency and super-charged transfer rates. All Evolution Host game servers also have unlimited data transfer quotas. Feel the full power of your game server with Evolution Host's Gbps port.

This means that map transfer times will be greatly reduced and backups can be taken frequently with minimal waiting time. Feel free to join one of our Demo servers to sample the network quality.

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Multiple Game Servers

Evolution Host has brought you a wide variety of gameservers to choose from. The cheapest cost possible has been applied to each gameserver. The list of our supported gameservers include:

Hosted Game Server Upgrade

Server Expansion

As your community grows, we give you the tools to expand as needed. When your server needs more player slots, you can resize your hosted game server as needed using the control panel. This allows you to make any necessary changes without the need to contact customer support.

Meet your quickly growing community's needs with ease. Upgrading your player slots takes just a few seconds.

Game Server Control Panel

Control Panel

The Evolution Host control panel has been built from the ground up to deliver the best server management experience possible. As well as providing you with the essential server start and stop functions, our control panel allows you to view the live console output of the game server in real time and even send console commands. Configuring a game server has never been easier. The settings area allows you to change essential settings such as the hostname and default map (if applicable) that your server uses. As well as FTP access, we also provide a file browser within the control panel to simplify and enhance the game server management process. Manage multiple game servers with one click. Sub accounts allow your Admins/Developers to help out while keeping your account security intact. Stay ahead of the competition with an Evolution Host game server.

Game Server Live Support

Customer Support

Evolution Host customer support is second to none. We take great pride in delivering the best support experience possible. You can contact us at any time via live support or the contact page. We generally reply to all E-Mails within 10 minutes. Feel free to contact us if you have any pre-sales queries or technical questions, we'll be happy to help.

The quality of your experience is very important to us.