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A DDoS protected VPN, optimized for gaming.

DDoS Protected Gaming VPN

The only thing that can make a Gaming VPN better - is a DDoS protected Gaming VPN.

Say hello (world) to a VPN that cannot be interrupted by DDoS attacks. Say hello (universe) to an Evolution Host DDoS Protected VPN.

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Improved VPN connections Better network, better pings Privacy with VPN Retain your privacy online Get alerted when attacked DDoS attack notifications
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Gaming VPN

Unbeatable VPN Anti-DDoS

A VPN inside a VPS

What are the benefits of a VPN with DDoS protection?

If your VPN's public IP address is observable on the general internet, which is the case when using your VPN for gaming, your VPN is vulnerable to DDoS attacks. If an attacker was to effectively target your VPN's IP address with a DDoS attack, your VPN would be rendered offline, resulting in you losing connection to the VPN and therefore losing connection to any applications or game servers that you were connected to through your VPN.

Ensuring your VPN has a strong level of DDoS protection backing it ensures that you will be able to continue to use the VPN without interruption, even while a DDoS attack is ongoing.

Safety of a DDoS protected VPN

How to configure your VPS to include VPN DDoS Protection

A VPS optimized with VPN DDoS Protection

An Evolution Host DDoS protected VPN comes inside of our award winning VPS. When configuring your VPS, simply select "VPN Optimized" when choosing your Anti-DDoS preference, as seen in the accompanying image.

This will give you full access to all of the typical features of a virtual private server, but with the benefits of the VPS being VPN DDoS protection optimized. This means that once you install your VPN inside the VPS, your VPN will be fully DDoS protected.

Some might call it a DDoS protected VPN-VPS.

Locations available for your VPN

A wide range of locations are available for hosting your DDoS protected VPN.

  • Germany flag Frankfurt, Germany
  • Canada flag Montreal, Canada
  • USA flag Virginia, USA
  • UK flag London, UK
  • Poland flag Warsaw, Poland
  • USA flag Oregon, USA
  • France flag Roubaix, France
  • France flag Gravelines, France
  • France flag Strasbourg, France
  • Australia flag Sydney, Australia

Perfect for use as a Gaming VPN

A Gaming VPN is a virtual private network gamers use to privately connect to an online game. Be it via PSN, XBox Live or any other form of online game.

Using an Evolution Host Gaming VPN allows you to benefit from lower latency (pings), the improved privacy that comes with a VPN as well as the benefit of not being vulnerable to VPN DDoS attacks.

Whatever your reason(s) for needing a Gaming VPN, Evolution Host has got you covered. Set up your Gaming VPN inside one of our powerful VPS and game like nobody can stop you - because they can't.

Set up your VPN VPS

Gaming VPN

Setting up your VPN VPS

While many of our clients prefer to configure their own VPN inside their VPS, we are also happy to assist.

If you'd prefer us to configure your VPN inside of your VPS, simply reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

A DDoS protected Gaming VPN is just a few clicks away.

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