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open.mp, the true evolution of SA-MP

The apparent demise of SA-MP has unfortunately forced many from the SA-MP community to consider life without the hugely popular modification of Rockstar's GTA San Andreas.

Thankfully, some talented and dedicated members of the community have stepped up with an innovation that will bring new life to the community, in the form of open.mp.

Why migrate to open.mp?

  • Compatible with existing SA-MP code
  • Various long standing issues/bugs resolved
  • Increased functionality
  • Flourishing community
  • Active developers

The importance of open.mp

open.mp (omp) is of paramount importance if the current SA-MP community is going to exist going forward.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the the core SA-MP developer (Kalcor) has stepped away from his role without naming a successor, and worse yet, doing what he could to destroy his creation. Evolution Host (as well as the omp developers) have great respect for Kalcor and what he has helped build. We do not agree with his decision to close the SA-MP forums and hinder new players from finding this wonderful community.

With the SA-MP wiki down, the SA-MP forums down and no sign of recovery in sight - the future was looking bleak for the participants of the ecosystem. Enter open.mp. open.mp is a re-work of the current SA-MP server application that is being specifically designed to be compatible with existing SA-MP gamemodes and plugins. omp has been a breath of fresh air for the community and it promises to resolve some of the long-standing issues with the current incarnation of SA-MP while adding new features and functionality.

As we transition to a post SA-MP world and into the new age of open.mp, we believe that the best is yet to come. Open.MP hosting respect

Transitioning to the OpenMP community

OpenMP Hosting

Evolution Host have long had a reputation of being the most reliable SA-MP host around. Particularly, our SA-MP DDoS protection has been recognised by many in the SA-MP community as the only DDoS protection which ensures no malicious traffic ever reaches the gameserver, ensuring players and server owners never need to worry about pesky would-be DDoS attackers. We have strong roots in the SA-MP community and we are proud to be hosting many of the largest servers in the SA-MP ecosystem.

We are excited to bring our expertise to our Open.MP hosting service after the server files have been made available by the developers. We will ensure the same quality that we have become known for is applied to each and every OpenMP server we deploy. Once the OpenMP server files have been released, we will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to become the most reliable omp host in the industry.

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