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FiveM DDoS Protection

Custom built mitigation solutions to remotely protect your FiveM server from DDoS attacks.

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DDoS Protected FiveM Host

About FiveM

FiveM is an extremely popular online modification of the furiously popular GTA V game. The FiveM developers have harnessed an innovative and thriving community of GTA 5 players from around the globe. With countless servers to choose from there is no shortage of fun to be had. Unless.....

DDoS attacks. The bane of any thriving game server. FiveM servers are no exception to this. At Evolution Host we've dealt with DDoS attacks for every type of application you can imagine. However, when it comes to FiveM DDoS attacks, there is a level of sophistication and persistence in the attacks that is not often seen in other applications. We are happy to say that we have developed an all encompassing, multi-point mitigation system that is an amalgamation of software, hardware and kernel solutions that results in a level of DDoS Protection for FiveM servers not seen anywhere else.

Best of all, our FiveM DDoS Protection can be offered remotely, so there is no need to change your FiveM Server host.

Protect your FiveM Server from

  • Unstable pings
  • Unexpected disconnects
  • Unexpected timeouts
  • Bandwidth saturation attacks
  • All known layer 7 attacks
  • Unlimited attack strength/duration
  • All known existing DDoS attacks

"I would like to take a moment to thank you guys for everything you've done for me. Before I found your website I was considering closing my FiveM server. The DDoS attacks would just not stop. It's been 5 days now and there hasn't been a single problem. Before we could hardly go 5 minutes without my server going offline. Thank you Evo, you guys rock."   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

-Rajesh, a FiveM server owner
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FiveM players currently playing through our DDoS protected servers


This number is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

FiveM Anti DDoS Plans

FiveM Anti-DDoS Plans

Level 1

  • 32 concurrent players
  • Full layer 7 validation
  • HTTP flood protection
  • Every known attack blocked
  • FiveM Anti DDoS specialist
  • New attack analysis
  • Standard support
  • Real-time attack notifications
  • 5TB/m clean traffic

Level 2

  • 64 concurrent players
  • Full layer 7 validation
  • HTTP flood protection
  • Every known attack blocked
  • FiveM Anti DDoS specialist
  • New attack analysis
  • Standard support
  • Real-time attack notifications
  • 7TB/m clean traffic

Level 3

  • 90 concurrent players
  • Full layer 7 validation
  • HTTP flood protection
  • Every known attack blocked
  • FiveM Anti DDoS specialist
  • New attack analysis
  • Standard support
  • Real-time attack notifications
  • 10TB/m clean traffic

Level 4

  • 140 concurrent players
  • Full layer 7 validation
  • HTTP flood protection
  • Every known attack blocked
  • FiveM Anti DDoS specialist
  • Immediate new attack analysis
  • Priority support
  • Real-time attack notifications
  • Unlimited clean traffic

Level 5

  • Unlimited concurrent players
  • Full layer 7 validation
  • HTTP flood protection
  • Every known attack blocked
  • FiveM Anti DDoS specialist
  • Immediate new attack analysis
  • Priority Discord support
  • Real-time attack notifications
  • Unlimited clean traffic

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Questions we're often asked about our FiveM Anti-DDoS

Q: Does this work like a reverse proxy?

A: One aspect of our FiveM Anti-DDoS certainly performs like a reverse proxy. With quite a number of differences that improve upon a reverse proxy configuration. FiveM reverse proxies are typically used to hide the real IP address of the FiveM server. With our protection, it is irrelevant if an attacker knows the real IP address of your server. We will guide you through configuring your FiveM server to only accept traffic which has first been validated and filtered by our systems, ensuring that no malicious traffic is capable of reaching your server.

Q: How will I know if my server is being attacked?

A: You will receive an automatic E-mail to your inbox each time your FiveM server is targeted with a DDoS attack. These alerts can be disabled from the control panel at any time if preferred.

Q: Does your FiveM DDoS protection work for any type of DDoS attack?

A: Our protection handles every form of DDoS attack. This includes Layer 7, Layer 4 and Layer 3 based attacks. As well as attempts at saturating your network's bandwidth, HTTP floods and all of the other various kinds of DDoS attack methods that FiveM servers are typically targeted with.

Q: Your packages mention a concurrent player limit, does this include people that are in the queue?

A: No, you can have as many people in your queue as you want. These players will not be included in your total concurrent player count.

Q: Evolution Host is a hosting provider, is the FiveM Anti-DDoS included on any of your VPS/VDS hosting packages?

A: No. Our FiveM DDoS protection is offered as a separate service and is not included in any of our server hosting packages.

Q: Who do you recommend I host my FiveM server with for best compatibility with your protection service?

A: In our vast experience, our clients have had great success hosting their FiveM on an OVH based machine and combining it with our remote anti-DDoS solution. We would recommend this configuration over any OVH alternative. We have clients who enjoy a 400 - 500+ player count around the clock with this configuration.

Q: I have a packet capture that I took during an attack. Can you guys have a look?

A: Absolutely. Reach out to us and we'll be happy to analyse the attack you're being targeted with.

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So how long until my server is fully protected?

We're glad you asked!

Typically, when protecting applications from DDoS attacks we start from the ground up. Analysing each new attack type as it comes in and implementing blocks for the malicious traffic as needed. This is quite an effective method of covering all attack surfaces and ensuring that there are no vulnerabilities left to be exploited by bad actors.

However, in the case of FiveM, we've been through the ringer and back! We've already seen every attack currently available on the market, and we have successfully blocked them all. Once your remote FiveM DDoS Protection is deployed your server will be instantly protected from every known attack form.

Pesky DDoS Attackers

How we protect the FiveM server host

But what if my FiveM server is hit with a DDoS attack you haven't seen before? Or this fancy new attack that's been going around?

Good question!

This is where you see the true benefit of the Evolution Host DDoS Protection service. Our dedicated engineers will analyse the attack traffic and develop a custom-built solution to protect your server from this attack. What if we can't block it you ask? We are experts in the DDoS protection field and every single time a new attack form has emerged we have been able to adapt our software to effectively eliminate the attack. We have a 100% success record in protecting our clients from DDoS attacks.

Finally, a FiveM Anti DDoS solution that works, brought to your doorstep. It's time to get back to having fun on your server and stop worrying about these pesky attackers.

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Host FiveM? Prepare to become a target.

Every FiveM host that is hosting any number of popular FiveM servers has been in a position where their client is being targeted with a sophisticated, hard to block DDoS attack.

To host FiveM with any degree of success, an advanced FiveM Anti-DDoS system is required.

Evolution Host FiveM DDoS Protection is a multi-layered approach to protecting servers from attacks. Each packet that is sent to the FiveM server is first analysed by our advanced heuristic filtration mechanisms to ensure it is valid FiveM traffic, several more validation techniques are then used to ensure that the packet is not merely simulating a valid FiveM packet.

Once the packet has passed all of our validation checks, it is then sent to the FiveM server. This process is accomplished with no additional overhead or latency to ensure optimal native performance.

FiveM host traffic filtration

FiveM Anti DDoS that works

Being held ransom by your attacker?

An alarming number of FiveM server owners have told us that they were being held ransom by a DDoS attacker.

The perpetrator would demand payment or they would target the FiveM server with a DDoS attack, rendering the server offline. Without an impenetrable FiveM Anti-DDoS the FiveM host could be taken down in seconds with any booter designed to be effective against FiveM servers.

We're happy to say that our clients will never need to pay an attacker again and that they can safely run their FiveM servers without fear of being DDoS'ed.

Remote FiveM DDoS Protection

Equipping your FiveM server with a remote Anti-DDoS solution is the quickest and most convenient method of mitigating persistent attacks.

To get started, you can select one of our packages and configure your protection to suit your needs.

Benefits of remote protection

  • No need to transfer your server
  • Keep your current hardware
  • No confusing changes for you or your players
  • All of the benefits of your current FiveM host

What you get

  • Remote FiveM DDoS Protection
  • Access to top level FiveM networking engineers
  • Software purpose built for you
  • Continuous protection from new attacks

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