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The importance of choosing the right location

Choosing the right location when deploying a server is absolutely imperative for ensuring optimal performance for you and anyone who will be connecting to your server.

You want to ensure that you choose a location that is as close as possible to your home network as well as, if applicable, in close proximity to where the majority of other people that will be connecting to your server live. When opting for VPS Hosting in Europe, Evolution Host have widely situated servers throughout Europe to give you plenty of options to choose from.

A Linux or Windows VPS in Europe is a few clicks away. Whether it's a Poland VPS, a France VPS or somewhere else - Evolution Host's got you covered.

Benefits of a Europe VPS that's close to home

  • Tick Faster network speeds
  • Tick Lower network latency
  • Tick Quicker file uploads
  • Tick Faster resource downloads
  • Tick Multiple Europe VPS locations to choose from
  • Tick More responsive software

Available European Locations

With every corner of Europe covered, choose the location that's right for you.

  • UK flag London, UK
  • Germany flag Frankfurt, Germany
  • Poland flag Warsaw, Poland
  • Finland flag Helsinki, Finland
  • France flag Roubaix, France
  • France flag Gravelines, France
  • France flag Strasbourg, France

What regions do these European VPS locations cover?

Lets take a look at some of the regions that these Europe VPS locations cover. We've made several network optimizations to improve the connection to our server's neighbouring countries. Here's a few close-by countries to get you started.

The Eastern European region is best covered for VPS hosting by Poland. Poland is right next door to Romania, Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Ukraine. If you need an Eastern European VPS, Poland would be your best bet for servicing this region.

Looking for a Western Europe based VPS? Lets have a look at France. A France VPS would serve countries like Spain, Italy and Switzerland tremendously. VPS Hosting in France is the way to go if you need your server close to any of these countries.

Next up is a UK VPS. While technically the United Kingdom left the EU, geographically the country has yet to shift off so it'll remain on our list. UK VPS hosting does a great job of servicing the country of Ireland as well as the countries that make up the UK: Scotland, Wales and of course, England. UK Minecraft server hosting is particularly popular.

Lastly, we have VPS hosting in Germany. Germany is a fantastic location for your VPS as it is a more central European location. This means it can service both Eastern and Western European regions. As Germany tips slightly to the North of Europe, it also resides closely to The Netherlands, Denmark and a bit further away is Norway & Sweden.

Whatever locations you need to cover, Evolution Host has the furthest reaching, and frankly the best Europe VPS hosting you can find.

Minecraft Server Europe

Europe Map

Location is paramount for game server hosting

The location you opt for when deploying a VPS is typically important regardless of the intended use-case for the server.

However when it comes to hosting a game server, location choice is absolutely paramount. Is your Minecraft server players based mostly in the United Kingdom? You better make sure your Minecraft server hosting is in the UK too. Otherwise prepare for en-mass complaints of lag from your player base.

European players expect the game server they play on to be hosted on a VPS in Europe too in order to ensure they have the lowest pings and fastest connection possible.

Lower pings for your community typically results in a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Have a look here for a Gaming VPS in Europe.

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