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TeamSpeak DDoS Protection

An Anti-DDoS solution for TeamSpeak. Protect any TeamSpeak server from DDoS attacks remotely.

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How is it possible to protect TeamSpeak servers from DDoS attacks?

Voice server traffic that is generated by the TeamSpeak client software has certain unique characteristics. A solution has been developed to differentiate valid TeamSpeak voice traffic packets from invalid or otherwise malicious packets that a TeamSpeak server would not receive under normal operating circumstances.

Using this method, we are able to filter out invalid/malicious traffic and absorb it into our network, ensuring it never reaches your TeamSpeak server host.

TeamSpeak remote Anti-DDoS benefits

  • No need to switch TeamSpeak host
  • No more disconnects from DDoS attacks
  • No more lag due to DDoS attacks
  • Clear voices even during attacks
  • Stability for your TeamSpeak community

How does the TS3 DDoS protection work?

Each case of providing TeamSpeak DDoS protection can be quite different and is dependant upon the software environment of the TeamSpeak host, as well as the hosting provider the TS server is housed with. In a lot of cases the optimal course of action would be to use a GRE tunnel for the TeamSpeak server to route all traffic through our systems so that all inbound traffic can be filtered and validated before being forwarded to the TS3 server.

Typically, you will be assigned a remote DDoS protected IP address which your community members will be able to connect to. Your TeamSpeak server will then be configured to only accept traffic which has first been validated by our multi-point mitigation systems.

Regardless of the method used, it is our job to ensure that your TeamSpeak server never suffers from DDoS attacks again. An effective TeamSpeak Anti-DDoS solution is one that you don't notice.

Protection built for you

TS3 DDoS Protection

How effective is your TeamSpeak Anti-DDoS solution?

Short answer: Very effective. We will absolutely be able to fully protect your TeamSpeak server from any and all DDoS attacks.

Long answer: Our company name might be somewhat misleading. Yes, we are a hosting provider and we love to provide people all over the world servers to enable them to build and innovate. However, over time Evolution Host has morphed into what our true passion is - what we specialize in - providing the best DDoS protection in the world.

Expanding our technology to provide DDoS protection for TeamSpeak servers was the next obvious move. Now TeamSpeak server owners and communities everywhere can benefit from our state of the art, robust, reliable and renowned Anti-DDoS technologies. You can read more about the general technical details of our DDoS Protection here.

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Remote TeamSpeak DDoS Protection

Why remotely?

  • No migration required
  • No downtime during the move
  • Stay with your current TeamSpeak host
Remote TeamSpeak Anti-DDoS

Included with the service

  • Anti-DDoS for your Teamspeak server
  • A team of DDoS attack experts on hand
  • Protection from newly emerging attacks

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