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Oh Rust, thou art a blessing and a curse. Most of us at Evolution Host have spent more hours playing Rust than we care to share. This helps us with one thing though: knowing exactly what is important for Rust players and the Rust server itself.

We have ensured that our Rust nodes are equipped with the fastest NVMe SSDs to deliver optimal read/write speeds. We have deployed the best Rust DDoS Protection in the industry behind our nodes. This guarantees that you and your players stay connected mid-raid and with more RAM than you can throw a grenade at, the size of your base can only be limited by your rivals.

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MySQL Database FTP Access Award-winning hosting  Germany, Canada, Poland, UK, Finland, USA, Germany, France, India, Asia and Australia Rust Server locations Anti DDoS for Rust server

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Rust is an unforgiving post-apocalyptic open world survival game that forces you to endure harsh environments and harsher neighbours. Battling it out for resources is a challenge at every step. Ever been running back to your base with a full inventory and lost connection to the Rust host? Yeah, us too. That is why we have ensured Evolution Host Rust servers are equipped with only the most reliable hardware and the best Rust DDoS Protection in the industry. Give your community the powerful Rust server they want. Give them an Evolution Host Rust server.

Rust Hosting

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1 month
Player Slots
< > 100 players
MySQL Databases
1 (FREE)
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Default Port  (€4.99)

Backups (7 Daily Rotations)

Downloadable Backups  (€4.99)

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection  (€4.99)

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Enterprise Rust server hardware


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