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Protector of Unturned servers

DDoS protection for Unturned servers

The free-to-play cult favourite Unturned puts a new spin on zombie survival games. With elements of Minecraft, Rust and Day-Z, Unturned has found its place in the hearts of many.

For a number of years now, the Unturned community has requested that Evolution Host add an "Unturned DDoS protection" service to our arsenal. Finally, zombies are the only thing you'll need to worry about - a sophisticated Unturned Anti-DDoS solution has arrived.

Playing Unturned is the most fun method we've found of simulating a zombie apocalypse. If/when that day eventually comes, we'll be ready, thanks to Unturned. Until then, we'll ensure our Unturned Anti-DDoS service allows everyone to enjoy the game uninterrupted from DDoS attacks.

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Anti-DDoS Unturned Plans

Level 1

  • 24 max players
Level 1 Unturned Anti-DDoS

Level 2

  • 48 max players
Level 2 Unturned Anti-DDoS

Level 3

  • Unlimited Players
Level 3 Unturned Anti-DDoS

Where applicable, all prices include VAT.

Cool, Unturned DDoS protection. How does it work though?

Once your order has been placed, our engineers will reach out to you. Dependant upon whether you're hosting the Unturned server on a Windows or Linux machine (in most cases it'll be Windows for Unturned) our engineers will send you a program/script to be ran on the machine hosting the Unturned server. This program/script will configure the Unturned server to only accept traffic from our mitigation network.

All of your Unturned player/server traffic will first be filtered through our mitigation systems, to remove any invalid/malicious/attack traffic. Only the legitimate/clean traffic is then sent back to your server. This process is typically accomplished with no overhead or increased latency through the magic of networking.

If you have access to a hardware or network level firewall with your hosting provider, we will also work with you to configure that in the most secure way possible.

This configuration is the ultimate way to protect an Unturned server from DDoS attacks.

How does Unturned DDoS protection work?

Handling any attack

Can you really handle any attack?

Here at Evolution Host, we are seasoned veterans in the war against DDoS attacks.

Whether it be for our FiveM DDoS protection service, our Minecraft Anti-DDoS service or for our general DDoS protected VPS product, we have a 100% success rate when faced with a new form of DDoS attack.

Unturned DDoS protection was the next obvious expansion of our Anti-DDoS suite of products.

Choosing Evolution Host for your Unturned server DDoS protection is the best decision you can make for the long-term sustainability of your community.

Here's some questions we're frequently asked about our Unturned Anti-DDoS

Q: Does Unturned DDoS protection come included with any of your other services?

A: It does not. Unturned DDoS protections is provided as a stand-alone service and is not included with any other Evolution Host service.

The only way to obtain the Unturned Anti-DDoS service is through this page.

Q: Does my Unturned server need to be hosted with Evolution Host to make use of the service?

A: Absolutely not. We can bring our Unturned DDoS protection service to your current hosting provider.

Q: Can I host my Unturned server with Evolution Host?

A: Of course! You can host your Unturned server on one of our NVMe SSD VPS. When then ordering Unturned DDoS protection via this page, you can simply include your Evolution Host provided Unturned server IP/port.

Q: What do I need to be able to use the Unturned DDoS protection?

A: A dedicated server or a VPS. Once you have full root/administrator access to the machine that the Unturned server is hosted on, you'll be able to configure the protection.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We are yet to experience a DDoS attack that we were unable to handle. If for some reason, we are unable to protect your Unturned server, we will offer a 100% refund for your payment.

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