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Your Twitch/mIRC Bot is just a few clicks away. Our dedicated bot hosting will ensure your mIRC bot stays online and running your scripts 24/7. With consistent uptime, you and your community can utilize your mIRC bot hosting around the clock on your IRC Network of choice.

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mIRC Bot Host
Instant Setup mIRC Bot
Instant Setup
mIRC Bots are deployed instantly. With instant setup for your bot, controlling, modifying and allowing your bot to connect to your favourite IRC Network is just a few clicks away. Get your Twitch IRC bot in just a few seconds with Evolution Host.
FTP Access
FTP Access
FTP access allows you to upload, download, delete and modify any of your mIRC Bot files with ease. Using an FTP client such as FileZilla is recommended for its user friendly interface. Simply upload your scripts and use the pre-installed !loadscript command to initiate them. It really is that simple!
Award winning hosting
Award Winning
Our service was anonymously tested by hostadvice.com staff and they had the following to say regarding our service: 'We took the time to personally and anonymously check Evolution Host's customer service. The "Badge of excellence" was awarded to Evolution Host based upon them complying with Host Advice's high standards of customer service, implying that the service proved to be prompt, efficient, insightful and most of all, helpful.'
MySQL Database
Optional MySQL Database
Equipping your mIRC Bot with a MySQL Database can be extremely beneficial. Storing data in an SQL database is significantly more efficient than storing them in local files. Allowing for the mIRC bot to quickly access stored data and information for on-demand reference.
Control Panel for mIRC Bot
Control Panel
You have full control of your mIRC Bot with the Evolution Host control panel. Start/Stop your IRC Bot at any time you wish with the same responsiveness you would experience by clicking connect on your home mIRC client.

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mIRC Bots can be helpful, fun, reliable and in some cases, necessary. You can connect an IRC bot to your game server, allowing you and your community to communicate in game without being connected to the game server. It can be utilized as a Twitch IRC Bot, a reminder, a notebook or even as a joker to add levity to your IRC channels. Get your very own mIRC Bot today. The hardest part of the process is coming up with an appropriate name for your helpful new friend!

mIRC Bot Hosting
mIRC Client

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What is mIRC Bot Hosting?

mIRC Bot Information

mIRC is a popular IRC client with an integrated application specific scripting language. mIRC allows users to connect to IRC Networks and communicate with other users on the network in both public and private channels. Evolution Host IRCd's are also available. On both large and small IRC Networks, users find a need to utilize mIRC scripts. Whether to be used as an encyclopaedia, a calculator, a reminder or any number of other uses. mIRC scripts are popular on the Twitch IRC Network.

The problem with this is, the user would need to leave their PC/Laptop/Device online 24/7 for the script code to continue running. Evolution Host has solved this problem by running your scripts for you. With an mIRC connection online 24/7, you can upload your scripts via FTP and allow us to host your mIRC Bot for you. Ensuring your mIRC scripts are running and available around the clock.