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Evolution Host have cornered the market and quickly become the best IRC hosting provider in the industry. Providing all the basic features of other IRCd hosts along with many additional benefits to ensure managing your IRCd is as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Tick Instant Setup Tick IRCd Control Panel Tick DDoS Protection

Tick Anope Services Tick Dedicated IRC IP Tick SSH & FTP

Linux IRCd Hosting
Instant Setup
Instant Setup
Why wait hours/days for your IRCd? Evolution Host have revolutionized IRCd Hosting by including instant setup with each and every IRCd package.
IRC Control Panel
IRCd Control Panel
Control your IRC Network with ease using the Evolution Host IRCd Control Panel. Start/Stop your IRCd and services with the click of a button. Along with an integrated file browser and many more features, controlling every aspect of your IRC Network is just one click away.
IRCd DDoS Protection
Optional DDoS Protection
As we're sure you're aware, IRC Networks are a large target for DDoS attacks. With Evolution Host's DDoS Protection, you can ensure your IRC Network remains online at all times.
IRCd FTP Access
FTP & SSH Access
FTP clients such as FileZilla can be used along side the Control Panel's file browser in order to upload/download/modify your IRCd files. With optional SSH access, you can utilize your additional background processes to set up Eggdrop Bots, bopm and a plethora of other additional IRC software.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a text based application layer communication protocol. IRC Networks allow connected users to communicate in both a public and private fashion. IRC Networks provide countless benefits such as secure group and one-on-one conversations, compatibility with several gameservers to allow in-game communication directly from your IRC client or even just a place to hang out with your friends. Evolution Host is the best place to buy IRC Hosting on the planet due to its many unique features.

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Service Small Medium Large Huge Unlimited
Users 100 200 500 1000 Unlimited
Disk Space 200MB 500MB 1GB 3GB 10GB
BG Processes 1 1 5 8 15
Daily Backups No No No No Yes
Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSH Access No No Yes Yes Yes
SSH Via Control Panel No No No Yes Yes
FTP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anope Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UnrealIRCd Setup Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant
IRCd Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price/month €2.99 €4.99 €6.99 €9.99 €14.99
Secure Purchase

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IRC Control Panel
Instant IRC Deployment
Before Evolution Host revolutionized the IRCd Hosting industry, you would wait hours, even days for your IRC Network to be set up and ready to use. That is a thing of the past, your IRC community need wait no longer. Your very own IRC Network is just a few clicks away. Configure and order your IRCd, you will instantly receive your login information directly to your E-Mail inbox. What are you waiting for?


IRC Control Panel
IRCd Control Panel
Control your IRCd with the click of a button. Along with the standard control panel functionality of Starting, stopping & restarting your IRCd, with the Evolution Host IRCd control panel, you can recompile your IRCd, compile Anope modules, browse/edit your files, reinstall the IRCd and even access SSH/The Shell directly from the control panel.


Always online IRC Network
Always Online
Evolution Host understand the importance of availability. Constant communication and reachability is an essential component of any successful IRC community. Combining our active monitoring of all servers with our robust and redundant networks, Evolution Host have the most reliable connection available for IRC hosting. To fully secure your IRC Network, you can add the IRCd Anti DDoS option to your preferred IRCd package.