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Monero, bringing privacy to money

Monero - A quantum leap for online privacy

When Bitcoin burst onto the scene in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, privacy seekers the world over seen it as a glimmer of hope in a world that tracks every transaction you make online. Bitcoin allowed people to transact pseudo-anonymously online with no gatekeepers and no 3rd party requirement. As the nascent technology grew it quickly became apparent that Bitcoin wasn't as anonymous as once thought. Due to the transparency of the Bitcoin blockchain it can be rather easy to track transactions from one wallet to another and inevitably find out the identity of a wallet owner, given the right tools.

The Monero developers understood this problem and sought to create a currency that was truly anonymous and untraceable. In 2014, XMR, the native currency of the Monero blockchain was released into the wild. Since then, the developers have continued to integrate privacy enhancing features into Monero.

Nobody has the right to track what you do, say or purchase online simply because a few bad actors would take advantage of that opportunity. For too long, the privacy of the majority has been impeded upon for the sake of the few - No longer. Monero ensures that it is now possible for individuals to reclaim their sovereignty and their privacy.

Why use a Monero VPS?

  • A 100% anonymous payment method
  • Quick transaction finality with XMR
  • No Credit/Debit card required
  • No PayPal account required

VPS + Monero = tech magic;

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) combined with a virtual private digital currency (XMR) just makes sense. Buying a VPS with Monero is quick, private and doesn't require any 3rd party involvement. You pay for the VPS with Monero - we receive the funds directly and your VPS is deployed. That is a true P2P transaction completed in seconds. You now have your VPS and you didn't need to divulge any of your personal information. As long as you stick to our terms of service you can do anything you like on your brand spanking new Monero VPS.

With a Monero paid VPS at your fingertips, the world is your oyster. Dabble in other cryptocurrencies by hosting a masternode? Put them coins to work by running a staking node. Lucky enough to participate in Ethereum staking? Want to host your unstoppable domain while paying with an unstoppable private digital currency? You can do all of these things while retaining your anonymity with an Evolution Host Monero VPS.

VPS Monero Abuse

Buying a VPS with Monero

What is not tolerated on a Monero VPS?

Evolution Host are massive advocates for online privacy. We believe every individual has a right to their privacy as long as they do not negatively impact anyone else's life. However, due to the anonymous nature of a Monero VPS, some bad actors can be expected. We unfortunately need to make it clear that we under no circumstances tolerate the exploitation of children or any form of war warmongering. This content/behaviour is reprehensible and has no place under the Evolution Host umbrella. Of course, our terms of service must also be abided by.

Lets not abuse the liberties we've been given by a privacy-ensured cryptographically secured border-less currency. Lets use it to build tools that make the world a better place.

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